An Awesome PT!

I have been training with Andy for four months, my goal was to improve my fitness but also to specifically improve my tennis game: to improve my speed; stamina; power; and to also strengthen my body to reduce my risk of injury. Andy is highly motivational, enthusiastic and the sessions are always great fun. No two sessions are the same and a lot of planning goes into his delivery to make the sessions valuable. I have benefited from the fitness it has given me, both on court and in everyday life. An Awesome PT!

Jonathan Peachey, Business Owner & Tennis Fan - Farnham, Surrey

Attentive and Approachable at all times

I have worked with Andy over the last two years to keep on top of my fitness. He responded positively to my needs, balancing my gym requirements with sound nutritional advice, which I try to follow! He is attentive and approachable at all times; this is coupled with an obviously sound knowledge and application of fitness and food requirements for a healthy lifestyle. I would thoroughly recommend him to a new starter or somebody that wants to improve further.

Chris James, Management Consultant - Ropley, Hampshire

I am feeling so much better in myself

I have been one of Andy's clients now for nearly 3 months. I met with him originally from a recommendation of a friend as I had severely high blood pressure and was 'out of shape'. Andy has worked with me extremely well and has only pushed me as far as I can go unlike so many other PT's that just don't understand the constraints of high blood pressure. Through my sessions with Andy, I have seen a dramatic reduction in blood pressure, which was the main goal, but as an aside, I have lost over a stone in weight and 5% body fat. I am feeling so much better in myself, I have more energy, and I can now chase after my kids and have fun with them on weekends without getting worn out and feeling dizzy. Unlike any other PT, Andy has managed to turn me into a bit of a fitness freak as now I am constantly checking what I am eating to ensure its of whole food nutrition, and also I am exercising so much more than I used to and actually enjoying it. Thanks so much Andy, I owe you a lot!

Alex Minnett, Company Director - Ropley, Hampshire

Andy helped me to overhaul my diet

I contacted Andy in the summer having come to the conclusion that the only way I was going to get healthier was with some help. I found Andy on the internet and decided to call him, we met for a coffee and chatted about my desire for a better lifestyle, but just found making the changes too hard and never managed any lasting change. Andy helped me to overhaul my diet, with good education and a guide for meals. He has also taken me through his three stage exercise plan, which has been amazing. I can now run a good distance at a good pace, keep up with my children in the park, and run up the stairs at work without being tired. I have more energy, have lost the weight I needed to lose and feel so much better about my future health. He has really helped me to turn my life around, and has done it in a supportive way that has never left me feeling bullied or pushed too far. The best thing is that he has taught me how to maintain myself so I can keep everything going and not slip back into my old habits. Thanks Andy!

Brett Garner, Practice Principal Dentist, Four Marks, Hampshire

Pushing you to achieve goal after goal

I highly recommend Andy as a Personal Trainer. From the start Andy was able to gauge my level of fitness and create a program that has helped me improve my strength and stamina very quickly without the pain I was expecting. Andy’s program has improved my core strength and balance and he’s friendly and supportive pushing you to achieve goal after goal without you even realising you’ve just pushed through the barriers. Andy explains the program he gives you making it something you can continue to use to keep improving your fitness after your sessions have finished.

Hayley Roaf, Project Manager - Surrey

Steady and consistent progress

I contacted Andy initially with the motivation of having some help around exercise structure and diet to get my back into some sort of shape that resembled the younger me (having hit 40, I had gained quite a few stone!). His 3 stage programme was amazing, I saw steady and consistent progress and found the notion of making small changes week by week to lead to longer lifestyle adaptions such a good idea. I am now well past the 3 stages and am training seriously (with Andy’s help). I have caught the fitness bug and am regularly taking part in Obstacle course races and chasing a dream that I thought would never happen (a 6 pack ready for the summer). I am in better shape now than I was in my 20’s and I am forever grateful for Andy’s support.

Richard Bradstock, Software Programmer - Four Marks, Hampshire

Exceeded expectations!

Exceeded expectations! The Evolve Natural Fitness and Nutrition programme has completely changed my lifestyle. I feel fitter and stronger than ever. Andy's vast nutrition experience is unparalleled and his motivation will ensure you hit your targets at every stage of the programme. I never expected such a dramatic transformation in such a short space of time. Thank you!

James Barrett, Digital Projects Manager - Guildford, Surrey

Taken my training to the next level

About a year or so ago I decided to try and lose weight and get a bit more active. It’s the same old cliché, I stopped playing any sport after an active childhood and I’d let myself go a bit. I thought I knew enough to get back into reasonable shape and after some initial success, I quickly plateaued.

I turned to my brother Andy (which doesn’t mean this review is automatically bias), who really has taken my training to the next level and changed my attitude towards my diet and nutrition. I signed up for his 12 week Evolve Natural Fitness and recover programme, which incrementally made changes to my lifestyle. 

First by introducing me to new workout routines tailored to my needs - I have old football injuries which include ligament reconstruction in my knee and herniated discs in my back. As the weeks progressed I found myself getting more confident in my ability to perform exercises I would normally shy away from for fear of aggravating these injuries again. We would train online every two weeks (PT) to tailor work outs and we would catch up weekly to further discuss my progress so I always felt supported. Working out never got boring or repetitive.

The most significant change for me however was how Andy developed my understanding of food and nutrition without it overwhelming me. Learning what type of food is good or bad, how many calories I should be eating, what percentage of macro-nutrients should aim for, has always seemed like a chore. But Andy’s guidance documents along with telephone conversations when I had other further questions made it clear and easy to understand. The keyword again is incremental changes which have now become habitual, my diet is better than ever. 

I cannot recommend this programme enough. The best thing for me is that it is giving me the tools I need along with the motivation and enthusiasm to keep going and progress even further.

Paul Lavey – HR professional & Animator