Andy helped me to overhaul my diet

I contacted Andy in the summer having come to the conclusion that the only way I was going to get healthier was with some help. I found Andy on the internet and decided to call him, we met for a coffee and chatted about my desire for a better lifestyle, but just found making the changes too hard and never managed any lasting change. Andy helped me to overhaul my diet, with good education and a guide for meals. He has also taken me through his three stage exercise plan, which has been amazing. I can now run a good distance at a good pace, keep up with my children in the park, and run up the stairs at work without being tired. I have more energy, have lost the weight I needed to lose and feel so much better about my future health. He has really helped me to turn my life around, and has done it in a supportive way that has never left me feeling bullied or pushed too far. The best thing is that he has taught me how to maintain myself so I can keep everything going and not slip back into my old habits. Thanks Andy!