I am feeling so much better in myself

I have been one of Andy's clients now for nearly 3 months. I met with him originally from a recommendation of a friend as I had severely high blood pressure and was 'out of shape'. Andy has worked with me extremely well and has only pushed me as far as I can go unlike so many other PT's that just don't understand the constraints of high blood pressure. Through my sessions with Andy, I have seen a dramatic reduction in blood pressure, which was the main goal, but as an aside, I have lost over a stone in weight and 5% body fat. I am feeling so much better in myself, I have more energy, and I can now chase after my kids and have fun with them on weekends without getting worn out and feeling dizzy. Unlike any other PT, Andy has managed to turn me into a bit of a fitness freak as now I am constantly checking what I am eating to ensure its of whole food nutrition, and also I am exercising so much more than I used to and actually enjoying it. Thanks so much Andy, I owe you a lot!