Lacking energy and struggling to recover?

Sleep is a vital part of us staying healthy. Amongst other things it boosts your metabolism, supports your immune system, delivers recovery and produces hormones.

So, did you know?...

During sleep our brain is cleared of toxins.

Whilst our brain is in sleep, hormones and other chemicals are released which in turn feeds the body, encouraging recovery.

When we are asleep, chemicals and hormones circulate our body to flush out toxins from our system and remove pollutants.

Hormones which support your immune system are released during sleep.

Not enough sleep raises your bodies leptin levels (the hunger hormone), making you crave (and likely succumb) to snacks.

Lack of sleep lowers a man’s testosterone production (a key area of focus for us in our plans). Low testosterone levels lead to mood swings, lack of energy, muscle wastage and weight gain!

Just from these handful of interesting facts you can see that sleep is vitaly important! Keep an eye out for a blog coming soon with some top tips on improving your sleep. Also, consider joining our Evolve Natural Fitness Recovery programme to learn more about sleep and the tactics you can use to optimise it.