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Tips to boost productivity when working from home

As a certified personal trainer and performance intrigued business owner, here are some top

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5 tips for boosting your metabolism (and repairing metabloic damage!)

So in my last blog, I briefly discussed metabolic rate and described the situation where

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But I have dieted loads over the last few years, and I am bigger than ever?! Metabolic damage – is this you?

When looking to lose weight, most people understand the principle of ‘calories in vs calories

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Is running good for you? Surely it is right?! Well not so fast …

Now of course, exercise is good for you. For an inactive person to take up

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How I boost my Immune System when I want to…..

As England takes a huge step this weekend to open up pubs, bars and cinemas,

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Why the Silverback Gorilla?

I have been asked by many about the use of the Silverback Gorilla in my

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Outside Personal Training is Open for Business!

Following on from the new Government guidelines, I can now communicate that REPs and CIMPSA

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How long does it take to get in shape?

A question I get asked a lot!

And it

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Covid 19 – open, but only online

The private gym is closed and in line with Government guidelines, I am not conducting

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Training in the great outdoors.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love the gym and work out in commercial gyms

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