Why the Silverback Gorilla?

I have been asked by many about the use of the Silverback Gorilla in my branding. As my previous customers will know, the Silverback is indeed a central theme in the transformation journey that I take my clients on, particularly on the Evolve Natural Fitness and Nutrition recovery programme.

So, what is he about?

No, it is not about lifting copious amount of weight. It is not about being brutal or primate. It is not about eating vegetarian, like one or two have suggested recently!

My use of the Silverback Gorilla is all about mind frame and mind set.

I learnt early on in my training career that being able to motivate and inspire people, is just as important as the sets, reps, exercises, or foods that you prescribe as a personal trainer.

I have developed my skills set in this space through an executive coaching course, client psychology training courses for CPD and I have read loads of literature around motivation, psychology, inspiration, and achievement. I recognise that this will all massively benefit my clients and I continue to develop myself in this space.

My silverback Gorilla is un-ashamedly inspired by the excellent work of Steve Peters and his book/work ‘the Chimp Paradox’. It is worth a read! There is a lot that us every day guys can take from elite sports people as they work on their mind frame and develop strategies around anxiety. Indeed the ‘inner chimp’ is a tool kit that can and is applied to manage anxiety in any circumstance in life. As you go on a journey to re define your health, a fitness and nutrition programme can be daunting! For many, anxiety and fear of the unknown is indeed a big barrier in my experience.

So, my Silverback Gorilla is a fictional character, a place. He is a belonging that I encourage my clients to be mindful of. He is a useful tool, to remind people about the ‘inner chimp’ talking when you have doubts, fears, or anxieties about what you can achieve. As Steve describes the ‘inner chimp’ is in all of us and he must be recognised, he must be managed. My Silverback Gorilla is a reminder of what your ‘human conscious brain’ (as Steve Peters would describe) is saying. I think our conscious ‘human’ brain should be uncompromising, ambitious and powerful when it comes to health and fitness, so the Gorilla works well here – he is much more powerful than a mere Chimp afterall!

Furthermore, there is nothing more domineering than a silverback in his natural environment. My Silverback is not about you acting like a silverback in your home or workplace. What he is, is a reminder to be more silverback about how you manage you and your own fitness. You are in control of your fitness, no one else. Own it. But also, there are no excuses.  Smash it with total dominance, be Silverback!

Finally, there is, I suppose, a small physical element to my use of the Gorilla too. We will strength train, we will lift weights, I will make you stronger, I will make you more capable. As a pleasant side effect, I will also make you more muscular and physically impressive. People will notice. You will just start to feel more Silverback – so he is the potential for me to give you a physical ‘trophy’ to remind you of what you have become, which will act as a reminder and a motivator to keep on going.

Each successful client who goes through the remote programmes gets a Schleich Gorrila for them to keep at home or at their office as a well done and a reminder to continue to adopt the mindframe. A small gift but a big impact – he is always there on your desk keeping you in check!

I also reward face to face clients with them as they move through their ‘training age’ stages.

Do you want yours? Online programmes are happening right now if so …. Discover your inner Gorrila.