How long does it take to get in shape?

A question I get asked a lot!

And it is understandable, if you are going to commit to something, then it is much easier to do that when you have tangibles and lets be honest, we live in an age that looks for quick results.

But here is the thing, I ask people to forget about time, and, the ones that do are the ones that succeed!


Sadly ( I am all about being honest), getting fit, losing fat, building muscle and maintaining a great body that performs and looks good, takes a lot of time. Furthermore, a general time, can never be given, as everyone has different starting points, different goals and different bodies. It is the wrong area of focus if you really want to transform.

As a trainer who has had a lot of success in changing people, I get very frustrated when I hear of programmes promising to ‘deliver a 6 pack in 12 weeks’ or claiming to ‘get you beach reach in 6 weeks’. Yes there are plenty of examples of celebs who have got into great shape for films (and I know they are highly motivating and influential), but the reality is that those celebs have often got a very favourable starting point and they have all the benefits of muscle memory having been in great shape at some time before.

Keep in mind:

  • Our bodies can only lose 1lb of fat a week (yes you can lose more weight, but anything more than a lb and you will be losing muscle mass and that’s exactly what we don’t want to do!).
  • It takes 66 days to entrench a new habit – yes 66 days for something to be automatic. That is not an end date, its work to establish a start date!
  • Studies have shown that men can add 1-2lbs of muscle a month with the right training protocols but typically this will be closer to 1lb – sorry guys but yes that is it!

Now I know what you are all thinking – OH NO! 1lb of fat a week, 1 lb of muscle a month, 66 days to change habits BEFORE THINGS START TO CHANGE! But, this should not be de-motivating, it merely helps us to see why time is not the right focus!

So here is the good news. As humans, we need results, praise and success. I can tell you that the process of making changes and building new habits is very enjoyable and it will be full of praise. You will enjoy great results and successes. Your performance in the gym and in training will skyrocket, measured through sets, reps and outputs. Your performance and energy in day to day life will greatly improve, measured in all sorts of ways.

So, whilst visual changes and the goal takes time and commitment, you will start to improve and feel much better very quickly.

The truth is that every man has the opportunity and potential to be healthy and enjoy a great body. We all are working with the same stuff! But it will take time.

The secret to optimal weight, good health markers and a great body is ………… that there is no secret. Guys who are in great shape will have been making the right decisions most of the time, for a long time. They will have the right habits, the right nutrition and they will be training optimally, it will be part of their life!

Therefore, my approach is different. I work with people to support, encourage and educate, with the aim of turning strategies into habits. When I train people, we track and measure things, but the focus is building habits, making the right choices, fueling and training correctly. From an online perspective, yes, my Evolve Natural Fitness and Nutrition plan has a time frame, it is 3 months long. But, it promises to educate, support and instruct, helping you to make the right changes at a manageable and realistic pace. It lays the foundations and makes sure that they are solid, laid for the long term.