More About Andy

Where it all started

Growing up, I was shy but into sport. I played football and tennis to a high level and was a pretty good all-round athlete. I had talent when it came to tennis, but I didn’t have the belief to explore that fully. If I believed in having regrets, that would be mine! I followed a typical path through Uni to a graduate job with a FTSE 250 in London. I did well in the corporate world which has enabled me to launch and run a business or two. However, the city lifestyle took its toll and my health suffered. At 28, I was starting to get overweight, I was getting occasional headaches and I was stressed. I was lethargic and I had regular back pain. Does any of this sound familiar?

Building knowledge

Exercise science had always interested me, as did nutrition, so I decided to learn how to fix myself. I took as many courses and qualifications as I could across nutrition, fitness instruction, personal training, strength and conditioning, exercise motivation, GP referral exercise prescription, kettle bell instruction, pilates instruction, executive coaching – everything I could cram in. I started to train smart and eat better, utilising all of the knowledge I was building, I became obsessed with the mountain of information that is out there about fitness, food and training. I still am! I have gathered over the years a library of books relating to fitness, nutrition, motivation, psychology and sports specific training. I have read them all and experimented with them all.

Training Others

I was fitter in my 30’s than I was in my 20’s and probably fitter than I was at 18. I started training others and I realised I was really good at that. Through those experiences, I have recognised patterns and developed processes.

Stronger, Faster, Fitter

At 38, I started to play tennis again to a high level and I never get injured. I was able to compete with players more than 20 years my junior. I have raced at Elite level at Spartan Race every year (against 20 something marines in the elite entries) and I more than hold my own. At 40, I am stronger, faster and fitter than I was at 36…… and you know what? I think I can still improve.